The upcoming marriage of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant is not only a union of hearts but also a celebration of India’s diverse cultural heritage.

Set to take place from March 1-3, 2024, at Reliance Greens in Jamnagar, their wedding festivities promise to be a grand affair.

In a nod to India’s traditional art forms, the couple has decided to collaborate with Swadesh, an initiative dedicated to preserving and promoting the country’s ancient crafts. Visually impaired artisans from Mahabaleshwar will craft exquisite candles as special gifts for the wedding guests, adding a unique touch to the celebrations while supporting local communities and preserving India’s rich legacy of craftsmanship.

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant officially exchanged rings during a Gol Dhana ceremony in Mumbai on January 19, 2023, symbolizing their engagement through the traditional Gujarati ritual of distributing coriander seeds and jaggery.

Both Anant and Radhika bring impressive accomplishments to their partnership. Anant, educated at Brown University in the USA, has held various roles within Reliance Industries, including serving on the boards of Jio Platforms and Reliance Retail Ventures. Radhika, a graduate of New York University, serves as a Director on the Board of Encore Healthcare and is skilled in Indian classical dance.

According to several news reports, Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s wedding is slated for July 10-12, 2024, with pre-wedding festivities expected to commence in March 2024 and extend until April 2024.

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