Salman Khan made headlines following an alarming incident outside his Galaxy Apartment, where two men associated with Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang fired three rounds. The incident left Salman, his family, and his fans concerned about his safety. Reports suggest that the actor and his family are contemplating relocating from Galaxy Apartments.

In response, Salman’s brother, Arbaaz, addressed the situation, stating that moving wouldn’t resolve the underlying issue. He emphasized that if an attack occurred at Galaxy, it could happen elsewhere. Arbaaz highlighted the long tenure of their family in the residence and emphasized that no evacuation orders had been issued.

Arbaaz emphasized the importance of taking precautionary measures and adapting to the circumstances while striving to maintain a sense of normalcy. Despite the unsettling incident, he stressed the need to continue living life without succumbing to constant fear.

The shooting incident occurred on April 14th, prompting a swift response from Mumbai police, who initiated an investigation. The case was subsequently handed over to the Crime Branch, leading to the arrest of two individuals, Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta, in Bhuj. They are currently in custody under the Crime Branch’s jurisdiction.

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