Rasha Thadani, daughter of Raveena Tandon, acknowledged that she struggled during her audition for Abhishek Kapoor’s upcoming movie.

Despite not giving her best effort during the audition, reports suggest that Rasha has secured the role, marking her debut in Bollywood. However, as she prepares to step into the industry, fans have criticized her for allegedly benefiting from her mother’s fame, labeling her as a “nepo kid” and trolling her online.

A user shared Rasha’s interview from Cosmopolitan on Reddit, sparking widespread attention. Some commenters expressed disdain, stating that Rasha’s success is due to her family connections rather than her talent and hard work. Others speculated about her survival in the industry, attributing her potential success to her father’s influential connections.

Criticism was also directed towards Raveena Tandon, with some suggesting that her efforts to promote her daughter’s career have not been fruitful. Despite the backlash, one user empathized with Rasha, highlighting the challenges of pursuing a career without financial resources or a film background.

Reflecting on her audition experience and subsequent casting in Abhishek’s film, Rasha admitted to her initial struggles but expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with such a renowned director. She shared the demanding schedule she juggled between school and filming, emphasizing her dedication to both her education and her budding acting career.

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