Panchayat 3’ has garnered widespread acclaim from both viewers and critics alike. The rural drama, now Prime Video’s highest-rated web series, is praised for its original storyline and outstanding performances by a stellar ensemble cast, including Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav, Sanvikaa, and Chandan Roy.

According to an ABP Live report, the earnings of the cast members have been revealed. As anticipated, Jitendra Kumar, portraying the protagonist Abhishek Tripathi, also known as ‘Jeetu Bhaiya,’ holds the title of the highest-paid actor in the series, commanding Rs 70,000 per episode. With eight episodes in the third season, his estimated earnings amount to Rs 5,60,000.

Neena Gupta, reprising her role as Manju Devi, secures the second spot, reportedly earning Rs 50,000 per episode, totaling an estimated Rs 4,00,000 for the season. Raghubir Yadav, returning as Pradhan ji, is purportedly the third highest-paid actor, receiving Rs 40,000 per episode, resulting in Rs 3,20,000 for the entire season. Chandan Roy, essaying the role of Vikas ji, reportedly demanded Rs 20,000 per episode, though News18 could not verify these claims at the time of reporting.

About ‘Panchayat’: Produced by The Viral Fever, the renowned YouTube channel, ‘Panchayat’ narrates the journey of Abhishek Tripathi, a young engineering graduate unexpectedly thrust into the role of Gram Panchayat Secretary in Phulera, a remote village in Uttar Pradesh, instead of pursuing the lucrative IT career he envisioned. The series humorously chronicles Abhishek’s efforts to navigate the rural lifestyle and unspoken societal norms of Phulera, while also exploring his growing affection for the village and Rinki, the daughter of the village head.

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