Natasa Stankovic was seen out in town today with Aleksander Alexllic, who is rumored to be Disha Patani‘s boyfriend. Natasa seemed cheerful, informing the paparazzi that she’s doing well.

This sighting comes amidst speculation about Natasa’s relationship with her cricketer husband, Hardik Pandya, possibly heading towards a divorce.

Natasa sported a white top and shorts, paired with a pink over-shirt and pink crocs for her outing. She posed for photos before being joined by Aleksander, known to be a close friend of both Natasa and Disha. However, some online users suggest that Aleksander might also be romantically involved with Disha, pointing out a tattoo of the actress on his arm.

Regarding Natasa’s interaction with the paparazzi:

For those unaware, rumors about Natasa Stankovic and Hardik Pandya’s separation have been circulating recently. The couple got married in May 2020 and have a 3-year-old son named Agastya Pandya. Speculation about their split intensified when Natasa removed ‘Pandya’ from her Instagram handle.

The rumors gained traction after a Reddit post titled “Natasa and Hardik separated?” went viral, questioning their lack of social media posts together and Natasa’s absence from IPL 2024 matches. The post highlighted Natasa’s birthday with no post from Hardik, removal of recent pictures of the couple except ones with their son, and Natasa’s absence from IPL matches and team-related social media posts.

Despite the widespread speculation, some social media users cautioned against jumping to conclusions too quickly, emphasizing that it’s premature to assume the status of Natasa and Hardik’s relationship.

Notably, neither Natasa Stankovic nor Hardik Pandya has addressed the divorce rumors publicly at this time.

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