She wore Moussaieff’s stunning orangey brown and yellow diamond earrings, complemented by an important orangey brown diamond ring and an additional dark brown diamond dress ring.

About Moussaieff.

The Moussaieff family were in the gem trade for generations. In 1963, Moussaieff Jewellers opened its Park Lane showrooms. This was followed in 2006 with the opening of a magnificent flagship store at 172 New Bond Street. The beautifully designed 1930’s art deco style boutique, boasts an unmatched collection of coloured diamond jewellery. These are the best examples of their kind uniting superlatives, rare colour of pure hue and perfect even saturation with good cut and clarity and high brilliancy. The House displays white diamonds up to 100 carats of the highest quality. As well as jewellery set with important gems like beautiful natural pearl earrings, rare Colombian emeralds, Burma rubies and Sri Lanka sapphires. In addition to the two London stores, Moussaieff are also in Geneva.

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