Chances are that by now, you’ve heard about the “Golden State Film Festival.” Now in its sixth year, the festival continues to grow and attract filmmakers and film aficionados with a passion for independent films. The seven day event began on Friday, February 24th through Thursday, March 3rd at the legendary “TCL Chinese 6 Theatres.” Festival Director Jon Gursha, and Festival Programmer Peter Greene presented over 390 independent films on the big screen. Additionally, an opening night party was held on Thursday February 23rd in L.A., and a closing night awards ceremony was held at the “TCL Chinese 6 Theaters,” with over 100 film and screenplay awards presented to filmmakers. Here are some of the highlighted films from this year’s festival:

“A NIGHT IN CHARLOTTE WITH SWEENEY TY” Directed by Ty Brueilly; “A WAY HOME” Directed by Claire Chubbuck; “A.NOIR” Directed by Ezra Albarran; “ADIYAH GRACE” Directed by Brenda Williams; “AMINA” Directed by Xabiso Mtoba; “BLOOD MOON OVERTIME” Directed by Nick Shedlock; “CHATEAU LAURIER – SEASON 2” Directed by James Stewart; “COMPANY OF PROPHETS” Directed by Malcolm Carter; “DEFINING PASSION: THE DANCER” Directed by Les Owen; “EMBERS” Directed by Benjamin Ross Johnson; “ENTITY” Directed by Shaun T. Pulsifer; “FAITH” Screenplay by Tom Anasasi; “FANFOBIA” Directed by Karla Guy; “GIMME SHELTER PART THREE” Directed by David Davidson; “HOW WE CAME TO BE” Directed by Marquette Jefferson; “INSOMNIA – 4 :00 AM” Directed by Kary H. Sarrey; “IT LISTENS” Directed by Paul Alanis; “JES AND LORA” Directed by Patrick Coleman Duncan; “JESSICARVED” Directed by Victoria G.; “LENA’S DANCE” Directed by Billy Clift; “LOST AND FOUND” Directed by Dianna Renee; “LOST COS” Directed by Robin de Levita; “MAKING THE SCENE” Directed by Cathie Boruch; “MOON STUDENTS” Directed by Daniel Holland; “MUD DOG” Directed by Keenan Capps; “NEW YORK NEW YEAR!” Directed by Cathie Boruch; “OPERATION TEAK” Directed by Peter Kotas; “RAISING GLOBAL CITIZENS” Directed by Connor Moran, Joel Primus; “REVAMPED” Directed by Patrick Norris; “SANA, SANA” Directed by Adam Holguin; “SHOOTING YOUR OWN SHADOW” Directed by Joseph J Parisi; “SORRY I’M SAD” Directed by Michael Nelson; “STARS BEHIND THE CLOUDS” Directed by Thomas Tulak; “SUDDENLY” Directed by Nic Gregory; “THE ASSASSINATION OF J KAISAAR AND THE RISE OF AGUSTUS” Directed by Stephan Morrow; “THE DISCONNECT” Directed by Zeke Hindle; “THE HIGH LIFE” Directed by Stephanie Sanditz; “THE LAST DROP: ALEJANDRO’S STORY” Directed by Stacey Summers; “THE PARTY” Directed by Kevin Stevenson; “WERK” Directed by Emilia Mendieta Cordova, Charley Young; “WINTER LOCKDOWN” Directed by Catherine Phillips; and “YOUNG DARIO” Directed by Natalie Rodriguez.

For more information about the Golden State Film Festival and how to be a part of the event, visit – The Golden State Film Festival is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The Golden State Film Festival was created by Jon Gursha and Peter Greene as a platform for independent filmmakers from around the world in Hollywood. Golden State Film Festival is an annual film festival . For general press or general inquiries please contact the festival on the website. Golden State Film Festival is a registered trademark. For more information please visit

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