Mannara Chopra, who came in third place on Bigg Boss 17, discussed her famous cousins Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra in a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble. She explained why she chose not to mention them during her time on the reality show, emphasizing her preference not to capitalize on her family connections.

According to Mannara, she refrained from discussing her cousins on the show because she believes in making her own mark and not relying on her family’s fame. She expressed her desire for the focus to be on her individual personality, journey, and interactions, rather than on her familial associations.

Additionally, Mannara emphasized the importance of respecting her cousins’ privacy and their own lives, particularly since they are married and have their own families. She felt that constantly mentioning them on the show would seem like unnecessary self-promotion and detract from her authentic portrayal.

During the grand finale of Bigg Boss 17, hosted by Salman Khan on January 28, 2024, Mannara Chopra competed alongside other finalists such as Ankita Lokhande, Munawar Farqui, Abhishek Kumar, and Arun Mashetty. Munawar Farqui ultimately emerged as the winner of the show, which Mannara celebrated as a testament to her commitment to being recognized for her own merits.

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