The news of Hema Malini’s daughter’s separation from her businessman husband caught everyone by surprise.

After being married for 12 years and raising two daughters together, the couple officially announced their legal separation on February 7, 2024, urging privacy but refraining from publicly disclosing the reasons behind their decision.

Amidst the separation announcement, an old interview of Esha Deol has resurfaced, where she recounts an incident that led her to stop answering Bharat’s calls due to his behavior.

The interview, taken from Bharat Takhtani and Esha Deol’s wedding video, unveils their childhood friendship, the subsequent loss of contact due to misunderstandings, and their reunion after a decade.

Their romance, which began in school, encountered a hiccup when Bharat attempted to hold Esha’s hand during a drive, causing her displeasure and leading to her decision to stop communicating with him.

However, after a decade, they reconnected, and their love blossomed once again, with Bharat humorously asking if he could now hold her hand.

The exact reasons behind the separation of these childhood sweethearts remain unknown, with speculation suggesting an amicable decision between Esha and Bharat.

Currently, their daughters Radhya and Miraya are residing with Esha, but it’s uncertain whether the couple will opt for joint custody or if the children will stay with one parent exclusively.

Rumors abound that Hema Malini has supported her daughter’s choice and is refraining from involvement in her personal affairs.

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