When masters of their craft come together, something magical happens. This is why when legendary Bollywood composers Sachin-Jigar, acclaimed lyricist Priya Saraiya and icon Shreya Ghoshal sat down to create an independent love song, the world stood still for a second.

Tu Meri Hai captures the euphoria of new love. Reverberating with a rare authenticity, the song allows raw talent to meet beautiful, laid-back simplicity.

Jigar’s dreamy timbre and Shreya Ghoshal’s emotive vocals craft a symphony of emotions, creating a truly magical experience. “Tu Meri Hai” also marks a reunion of the powerful trio, last seen topping the charts with “Saibo”.

The Tu Meri Hai video is more of a hazy memory than a pop music video. Capturing a montage of sweet nothings between Jigar Saraiya and his muse, model Sanjana, the video takes viewers on a journey through affection, warmth, and nostalgia. Each frame reveals a narrative of what happened – and what, perhaps, could have.

On the release, Jigar – who composed the song with Sachin and also sang on it with Shreya Ghoshal, said – “In ‘Tu Meri Hai’, we wanted to create a vibe that’s not just heard but felt. Collaborating with Shreya Ghoshal brings life to the love anthem of the season. This track gave us a fresh vibe compared to the usual cinematic tunes. It’s an authentic and heartfelt expression of love and we believe it resonates with the listeners across the globe.”

Commenting on the release, Shreya Ghoshal shared, “Anytime the trio Sachin-Jigar and Priya call me, I get really excited. Collaborating with them has always been something new and unique like the iconic ‘Saibo’. The first time I heard ‘Tu Meri Hai’, it was absolute magic. It is exactly how love feels, simple yet intricate, which is the beauty of this song. This time it’s even more special because it’s an independent track, it surely engages your heart with a lot of emotions which is very hard to capture in commercial songs. ‘Tu Meri Hai’ is not a typical duet, it’s been a seamless experience which will surprise you. I’m very excited and sure that all the music lovers are going to simply love it from the first moment they hear this track.”

‘Tu Meri Hai’ is a vibe, with a perfect mix of catchy tunes with a feeling of being in love for this Valentine’s season. Take in the plethora of emotions woven into this song, allowing the melody to captivate your senses.

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