~ Infectiously fun melody accentuated with the chemistry of an appealing pair ~

National, 28th November,2023: The infectious track that will result in butterflies in your stomach “Kalleyan ” curated by the sensational singer AKASA featuring the chocolate boy Taaruk Raina is all ready to take the audiences on a heartfelt ride. One of the four songs from AKASA’s new album “Kalleyan” is an enchanting composition that weaves together love, desire, and a myriad of emotions into a harmonious tapestry. The dynamic duo, the rhythmic beats and compelling lyrics of the song promises to create an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

The quintessential love song “Kalleyan” is accompanied by an adorable music video featuring the stunning duo AKASA and Taaruk feeling the rhythm and oozing good vibes. It beautifully showcases a series of aesthetic scenes that radiate positivity and charm. The infectious fun melody is bound to get audiences grooving, while the heartfelt lyrics add depth to the overall emotional landscape of the track. Every note of the track is composed to resonate with the warmth of love and the exhilaration of shared experiences.

Talking passionately about her song, AKASA shared, “Kalleyan is so special because it is a collaboration with a friend who I’ve known so personally and sung with for years! It is a song that speaks about love that remains after the heartbreak about mending the broken heart with the same love. Also that’s cool about Kalleyan is that it’s a sad bop which truly reflects the mental situation of today’s generation- heart is sad but the vibes must remain bangin’ lol. I hope people appreciate it as much as they did Manmaani because again this song is me sharing a very personal side of me that I don’t, often.”

“This song is more personal to me than anything I’ve ever done before, it’s a song about a real friendship, it’s real and it’s relatable, it asks the question , how late is too late? And the answer is that it’s never too late.” Added Taaruk Raina.

Listen to Kalleyan by AKASA and Taaruk here:

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