The maestro of emotions, Abir, is set to enchant the music lovers with the latest EP “Memory Lane”. Featuring five soulful tracks – “Meri Hoyi Ni”, “Jaane Kyun”, “Main Ni Tera”, “Jaane Ke Baad” and “Last Flight”, each track is a testament to Abir’s ability to transform heartbreak into an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Sung and penned by Abir, “Memory Lane” is a musical journey that speaks to the soul, redefining the experience of heartbreak. His songs are a fusion of meaningful lyrics and infectious beats, creating a cool and contemporary vibe. In “Memory Lane” Abir fuses Hindi-Punjabi flair in the EP allowing the listeners to feel all the emotions while bobbing their heads to the music. His ability to convey emotions of love, loss and self-discovery in the most unique and groovy way connects with the audience on a universal level, offering a fresh perspective on heartbreak and resilience.

“Creating ‘Memory Lane’ was a journey of emotions that reflect my personal journey. The EP is a collection of stories that I believe will connect with the listeners on a profound level. Every note of the track tells a piece of our shared human narrative. It is a piece of my heart and I am thrilled to share this EP with the world. I hope listeners connect with my music on a personal level.” Shared singer songwriter Abir.

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