Professional ballerina turned electro-pop artist EMPRESS® sets out to galvanize and empower women with the release of her debut EP, We Own This Crown, out Friday, June 4, 2021. Throughout her esteemed career, spanning two decades, the San Francisco-based artist has always advocated for authenticity through creativity. Creating seven impactful tracks, the songwriter worked closely with music heavyweights Chris Athens (Drake, Usher, Rick Ross) and Grammy-nominated producer Bart Schoudel (Justin Bieber and Beyonce) to produce her debut EP.

Contemplating her newest body of work, EMPRESS says “We Own This Crown is a musical journey of discovering my inner EMPRESS. The process of learning how to own my own crown was so empowering and rewarding that I felt I had to share my experience in hopes of inspiring others to be the ruler over their own lives. The greatest lesson that I learned was that empowerment comes from within.”

The artist describes her creative process for the EP. She says, “Each track on this EP is an audible snapshot of monumental times and experiences throughout my life. I wrote ‘Lovely I Am’ about my difficult career as a professional ballerina. ‘All In My Head’ is about how much I missed my husband when I was living in NYC performing on Broadway and my husband was stuck working in California for weeks at a time. ‘SnowGlobe’ helped me realize that true happiness only comes from within. ‘Vixen’ is about an empowered woman who remains beautiful and attractive throughout the many stages of womanhood. ‘Parking Lot Full Of Stars’ is about being isolated during the pandemic and how we were all stuck at home, together – apart. Finally the title of the EP, We Own This Crown is a reminder to us all that we are the rulers over our own lives.”

EMPRESS is excited to share her debut EP, We Own This Crown, with the world on June 4, 2021. Follow EMPRESS on social media for all upcoming performances and musical exclusives.

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