With its summer issue, the lifestyle-minded publication Hills Views & Valleys moves to national newsstands in August 2021, and features a closely-guarded cover story alongside its trademark celebration of today’s most cutting-edge luxury brands.The magazine’s physical and editorial quality has earned it a national distribution deal in an astonishingly short 18 months — an expansion that positions Hills Views & Valleys to scale with even greater acceleration. In an era of dwindling print publications, Hills Views & Valleys occupies an authoritative niche with its taste-driven content and curated high-end brand partnerships. Like Vogue and other top-selling periodicals, Hills Views & Valleys recognizes the importance and draw of traditional hardcopy editions alongside a thriving online presence.Hills Views & Valleys will be on newsstands nationwide and in all Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and Chapters Indigo locations throughout the United States and Canada. The magazine enlists top influencers and brand ambassadors to elevate its visibility on social media, leverages the subscriber base of one of North America’s largest subscription service providers, which includes Amazon as an online partner for boosting sales of the print edition.Hills Views & Valleys is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and driven by demand for the ultimate in every aspect of life. Its silk-laminated pages, stunning photography, and library-like composition serve as an optimal venue for ad placement that reads as pique visual artistry.Founded by industry taste-maker Otis W. Jones, and amassing a following of diverse LA insiders, past covers have featured standout celebrities like Jason Lewis from Sex and the City, while the magazine’s interior stories highlight some of the most prestigious players in music, fashion, business, travel, entertainment, and design.Through arts, culture, commerce and community, Hills Views & Valleys encompasses all aspects of a luxurious life. It prides itself on home design and acquisition, visionary lifestyle trends, and scintillating entertainment news to captivate readers.The magazine characterizes its own mission thusly: “From entertainment and travel destinations known only to the few, to the unique and rare pleasures of exotic culinary essentials; from the most avant-garde designs in fashion, real estate, and the automotive world; to cutting edge discoveries in health, wellness and beauty, Hills Views & Valleys showcases the remarkable and the renowned.”As an enticing and visually rich marketing platform for promoting hotels, destinations, and experiences along with services and products in an array of industries, Hills Views & Valleys seeks to redefine notions of luxury through pages filled with unparalleled possessions, places, and possibilities.With the national launch, Hills Views & Valleys looks to widen its readership and explore an even broader swath of exciting high-end products and brands. The magazine’s advertisement team offers an affordable rate program for businesses and brands seeking mutual collaboration.
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