Days following her marriage to Zaheer Iqbal, Sonakshi Sinha has addressed the ongoing speculation about her pregnancy. Recently, she was photographed by paparazzi outside a Mumbai hospital, sparking rumors that she might be expecting her first child with Zaheer.

In a recent interview with Times Now, Sonakshi subtly mocked these rumors, remarking, “The only change is now we can’t even go to the hospital because as soon as you step out, people think you are pregnant.”

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal tied the knot on June 23, 2024, in a private ceremony at her Bandra residence. Sharing their wedding pictures online, the couple expressed their journey of love over the past seven years and their joy at finally becoming husband and wife.

Addressing rumors that her brother Kussh Sinha skipped the wedding due to dissatisfaction, he clarified in an interview with News18 Showsha that he was indeed present at the event. He dismissed reports suggesting any discord within the Sinha family regarding Sonakshi and Zaheer’s union, emphasizing the inaccuracies in media coverage.

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