Mridul Shrivastav is all set to mesmerize his audience by his astonishing YouTube channel “Mehfil”. If you’re a fan of the art, or if you’re just now getting your feet wet, we’ve selected a wonderful poetry channel on YouTube “Mehfil” by Mridul for you.

In Mehfil , you will hear amazing poetries of legends in enchanting voice of Mridul. Mridul is a multi-talented person. Who is great in acting as well as in voice-over. Today, we will try to know more about Mridul through below interview.


1. What is the best comment you’ve ever received?

– The comment which gave me a satisfaction was that ki mera talaffuz acha hai and that’s very important in poetry.

2. What one event inspired you to do ?

A good friend at an initial stage of your career can be very fruitful. 

3. Why do you think it’s worth it to go into online videos with all of the people already doing it?

My little poetic universe has the art of flowingness and clarity.

4. What is your favorite thing about doing this?

I can Express my thoughts through beautiful words written by great poets!

5. Why do you think people are interested in your subject?

Those who love poetry definitely hear and those who dont love poetry yet!! They should think about change of taste!!

6. What videos are you planning to release next on your channel?

My recitation will consist of struggles of common people, heart broken poetry and inquilabi poetry.

7. Do you have any favorite videos that you’ve uploaded?

A nazm of Sahir ludhianvi ” Khoobsurat mod “

8. Who is the one other personality that influenced you the most?

Actually am influenced by my close friend, who has very good command in urdu language and I have tried to grasp as much as I can and I’m still learning!!

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