Selvatica is a park that not only offers extreme activities but also takes visitors on an exclusive and genuine journey of connection with nature, where they can meet their most authentic and adventurous version of themselves.

Through its Seed of Life program, Selvática has planted more than 300,000 trees, and visitors are an essential part of this action, as they participate in the initiative with every visit to the park.

Thanks to the originality of its attractions, such as its ten zip line circuit, Tanzania, the only human roller coaster, ATV rides, swimming in a cenote, and Mixology, among other extreme activities, as well as its commitment to the environment, Selvática has become one of the favorite parks for adventure tourism lovers and has been awarded international recognitions; Such is the case of the World Travel Awards, which named it as the Leading Adventure Tourism Attraction in Mexico in 2022 and in 2009 as the Leading Adventure Park in Mexico and Central America.

It has also been chosen as the number 1 Adventure Park in Cancun by TripAdvisor and has been ranked as one of the top 5 adventures in the world.

“We are very excited about the recognition given to our park. Without a doubt, Selvática is a Park that deserves to be known worldwide as one of the best tourist attractions in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Its natural beauty, its incredible landscapes, and its unique combination of extreme and fun activities make it the best option for visitors to our destination,” said Franco Martínez, Executive Director for The Dolphin Company.

Therefore, Selvática continues to be preferred by travelers thanks to the quality of its service and incredible experiences.

About Selvatica:

Selvatica, which literally means: “pertaining to the jungle,” has been a fertile campground for explorers and adventurers from many bygone eras.

These vast lands, once inhabited by the ancient Mayans, many years later became the region’s base camp and home to a famous Tycoon of the once prolific gum extraction industry, creating a huge myth surrounding his peculiar ways of having fun while also protecting the jungle.

This rich heritage serves as a background for the World’s number ONE adventure park! Come live the most extraordinary adventure of your life, and you, too, become part of the legend of Selvatica

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