This international special ‘MTV Fan Nation is dedicated to Nicki Minaj and features Barbz – a girl gang full of devoted fans of Nicki Minaj. This special program will feature the journey of these girls who see Nicki as their idol and the way they have grown in these many years. Watch this program only on Vh1 on 25th January 2023, at 12 PM & 5 PM.

Read more to find out the extraordinary savage moments of Nicki Minaj!

A feud against her rivals!

Nicki Minaj – the true queen of sass is immensely popular among her fans for her raps and for creating controversy with her fierce statements. One such moment happened when her album Queen’ didn’t debut at number one on the Billboard Chart she called out Travis Scott for bundling his album at the same time and gave comments stating she wants to punch Scott in his face.

World-famous diss!

It was a diss that was never expected and was heard by everyone around the world. At the time of VMA 2015, Nicki Minaj diss the then-host of the show Miley Cyrus right from the stage and created a controversy that later became the talk of the town. Everyone witnessed numerous interviews of her commenting on Miley and vice-versa. Apart from different allegations, she accused Miley of cultural hypocrisy.

A controversial misunderstanding!

Once at the time of VMA 2015, Nicki took to social media and rant about the nominations for the Video of the Year Award. She alleged the panels for rewarding videos of women who looked a certain way. This raised a storm and Taylor Swift took that as a dig against her. Later it came out as a misunderstanding, and both of them happily performed at the ceremony.

Some unexpected violence!

Cardi B and Nicki went beyond the grounds at a post-event party. Cardi literally threw one of her shoes at Minaj at the party. She even tried to rough up Nicki physically. This all happened when Cardi came into the picture of rap music and gained immense popularity creating a buzz around the world talking about someone replacing Nicki.

Some absurd medical logic!

Nicki Minaj is the talk of the town for numerous controversies for years. One such happened during the time of COVID-19 when she took to social media commenting about the efficacy of vaccines. She also stated that she would not attend the Met Gala in New York in 2021 because she didn’t get vaccinated. Many health experts called her for creating the buzz around the vaccination that it makes a person impotent and has other side effects.

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