Veteran actor Darshan Jariwala has opted to resign from his position as Vice President of the Cine & TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) following allegations levelled against him by a woman.

These accusations include assertions of marriage, impregnation, and abandonment, all of which Jariwala denies. During a recent interview, the actor explained his decision to step down and disclosed that he had initiated a defamation lawsuit against the woman.

Speaking with HT City, he stated, “I am engaged in a legal battle, having filed for defamation. Although CINTAA was not directly involved in my personal matter, they were unjustly implicated and harassed. Consequently, I chose to resign from my position and handle my case independently.”

Jariwala vehemently denies the allegations, labelling them as baseless and noting that no one has directly confronted him regarding these claims. He underscores his commitment to addressing the situation through legal channels. Despite enduring online attacks for the past 1-2 months, he has refrained from responding on social media, opting to focus on the legal proceedings.

He expressed, “There have been unsubstantiated complaints made against me without any direct communication. I am contesting these allegations legally. I await the revelation of the truth. This ordeal has persisted for approximately 1-2 months, with escalating online attacks. However, I have chosen not to engage on social media and instead pursue legal recourse, the appropriate avenue.

Jariwala expresses apprehension regarding CINTAA’s involvement, asserting that the association had previously exonerated him in a statement. He deems it unjust to implicate CINTAA in this matter, as it tarnishes the association’s reputation.

Remaining unaffected by social media negativity, Jariwala maintains confidence in the truth and declines to partake in online trials. Upon resolution of the issue, he looks forward to continuing his contributions to CINTAA’s welfare, underscoring his dedication to the association’s prosperity.

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