Tom Cruise has reportedly confirmed his relationship with Elsina Khayrova, a 36-year-old Russian socialite, according to insiders cited by the Daily Mail. They take precautions to avoid being photographed together to safeguard their privacy, despite growing close over recent weeks.

The couple spends quality time together, often at Elsina’s luxurious apartment, where Tom has been staying overnight. Despite their affluent lifestyles, they engage in activities typical of any couple.

Both Cruise and Khayrova were said to have attended a charity dinner supporting London’s Air Ambulance Charity, with Prince William as the guest of honor. Friends reveal that they frequently dine at exclusive restaurants in London, favouring Khayrova’s multimillion-dollar apartment in Knightsbridge.

Their romance first gained attention after they were spotted being affectionate at a party in London’s Mayfair neighbourhood last December. Witnesses described them as inseparable, with Cruise showing evident affection towards Khayrova.

Tom Cruise has been married three times previously, to Mimi Rogers (1987-1990), Nicole Kidman (1990-2001), and Katie Holmes (2006-2012). Khayrova, on the other hand, parted ways with her ex-husband Dmitry Tsetkov in 2022, following a contentious three-year divorce battle that reportedly cost him over $150 million.

Tsetkov, reflecting on their divorce, emphasized Khayrova’s expensive and luxurious tastes, advising Cruise or any future partner to be cautious. Despite their past, he expressed happiness for her and wished her well in her new relationship.

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