Viewers can watch this enthralling story Monday to Friday, 9 pm onwards 

Fond of enticing thriller stories? Interested in dwelling in the life of secret agents, security forces and spies? Then here’s the right show for you! For their esteemed viewers, Colors Infinity brings the fascinating story of two best friends, Nicholas Elliott and Kim Philby, for the first time on Indian television. A Spy Among Friends – adapted from the New York Times best-selling book, revolves around the events involving Russian spies infiltrating British security forces from the time of the emergence of Nazi Germany. The series is full of exceptional investigations, revelations, and violence. Watch the thriller from Monday to Friday, 9 pm, on Colors Infinity.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting characters in ‘A Spy Among Friends’ that makes it a must-watch-

Nicholas Elliott

Nicholas Elliott, the extraordinarily talented intelligence officer, truly defines what it is to be a best friend. He was indeed in grave shock when he got to know about his friend-cum-colleague Kim, who is a secret agent, but he didn’t let this affect his loyalty to his friend. The teaching of a bond between two friends is something that for sure can be learned from the show.

Kim Philby

The charismatic aura of Kim Philby and the confidence that he possesses in himself is of great significance. He was sure about the negative image that he has created after the exposure of his secret mission as an agent of Russian intelligence but still, the confidence that he carries in himself is something that is beyond imagination. He is indeed one such character in the series who is extremely talented and extraordinary in himself.

Officer Lilly Thomas

The fabulous intelligence officer Lilly Thomas is well known for her extravagant personality and her tough ways of dealing with an investigation. While investigating Nicholas regarding his best friend Kim, she crossed all the limits of violence to get all the details out about Kim. She is a rough and tough female intelligence officer, who is indeed an inspiration for hardworking people.

Tune in to Colors Infinity and watch this enthralling story of friendship and betrayal, A Spy Among Friends, Monday to Friday, 9 pm

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