The VIP show…….#Must watch

 ‘The VIP Show’ opened to laughter and applause at Rangsharda auditorium Bandra West Mumbai. This event is Produced by well known Film production company Merahkie international pvt limited. The show is presented by Dr. JB’s.

The “VIP show” is a Comedy and Mimicry Show that was truly successful and left a lasting impression on everyone. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the powerful presentation and Comedy by Sunil Sawara and The King of Comedy VIP. VIP was able to captivate the audience with his timing and mimicry. In show Sunil Sawara was just brilliant. Their comedy kept everyone engaged throughout the entire Show.

The comedy play, which was staged by Merahkie international pvt limited Production from Mumbai, was conceptualised by Akansha Merahkie, VIP and Sunil sawara. 

Sudhesh Bhosle added more color to the colorful evening with his famous songs and dialogues of Amitabh Bachchan. Ali Asghar and Jimmy Moses were there to support the Comedians and producers. 

The Show was well-structured and the comedian was able to convey their message clearly and effectively.

Overall, I would highly recommend attending “The VIP Show” or any event that they are involved in

Overall, the event was a great success, and the powerful presentation was the highlight of the day. I would highly recommend attending any future events featuring VIP and Sunil Sawara, as their ability to engage and inspire the audience is truly remarkable.

The legendary actor and Singer Sudesh ji appreciated the comedy play, commending the writing and direction of the play. He suggested that such plays should be staged frequently to not only entertain, but also to educate the society.

The completion of a successful event is a moment of great satisfaction and relief for event organizers. It is the culmination of months of planning, preparation, and hard work. A successful event is one that meets or exceeds the expectations of the attendees, achieves its objectives, and leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved. Akansha Merahkie recently produced such an event at Rangshardha Auditorium, Bandra. 

The “The VIP show ’’ is about laughter dose along with meaningful message to the society. The theme of this show is entirely different from previous shows of comedian “VIP”.

This creatively lovely evening was attended by many well known faces including Legendary Sudesh Bhosle ji, Ali Asghar, Jimmy Moses, KT, Ujjaini Roy, Zeenat Ahsaan Qureshi and Nassir Khan, Mala Nellisery(VP of Zee tv) etc. 

The Producer’s got overwhelmed by Standing ovation given by the audience to the performers. Everyone in the auditorium enjoyed the show at most. This monumental moment of the show gave boost to the organizers to do more and more showd like this sooner. 

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