~ A pop and romance fusion that strikes an emotional chord with listeners ~

National, 30th October,2023: Emerging onto the music scene with a burst of energy and raw emotion, the multi-talented artist DAKU, aka, Darshan Kataria is set to mesmerize the audience worldwide with his latest release, “Mere Hisse Ki Mohabbat.” This emotionally charged pop-romantic ballad is poised to take listeners on an emotional journey through the universal theme of true love and commitment.

“Mere Hisse Ki Mohabbat” is a soulful journey seamlessly blending the sounds of upbeat pop with a heartfelt and emotionally resonant vibe. DAKU, the singer-composer and lyricist of the track successfully delivers a sincere portrayal of genuine love, bringing to life the unconditional love that a boy feels for the one he has patiently waited all his life.

This heartfelt track “Mere Hisse Ki Mohabbat” is accompanied by a visually appealing video, taking the listeners on a romantic journey. The video immerses the viewers in a dreamy setting adorned with fairy lights featuring DAKU. The background dancers add to the overall charm, making it a visual delight that perfectly complements the emotional depth of the song.

Talking about his meaningful song, DAKU said,” My songs are tales that I narrate in the form of music that have a deep meaning resonating with everyone that hears it. Mere Hisse Ki Mohabbat is just that, it is a piece of art that speaks to the heart. Love is a beautiful and powerful emotion, and I wanted ‘Mere Hisse Ki Mohabbat’ to capture the essence of that emotion in its purest form. I am beyond thrilled to share this song with the audiences and I hope this will fill their hearts with love too.”

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