A tribute to the selfless love and nurturing of all mothers, inspired by the story of Kumar Sanu and his mother.

“I am grateful to have been raised by my mother because upbringing is important.” Many of us value the affection and attention our mothers gave us, therefore Kumar Sanu’s remarks strike a chord with us. The well-known Indian musician Kumar Sanu, who has received numerous accolades for his beautiful voice and melodic compositions, has a particular place in his heart for his mother because she had a tremendous impact on both his life and profession. In addition to other Indian languages, he is well renowned for his ability to sing in Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi. He has won numerous accolades, including the National Film Award and Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer. His mother and upbringing are responsible for everything.

As the youngest child, Kumar Sanu’s mother showered him with love and attention, and he developed an interest in cooking, which he excels at to this day. “She used to carry me in her arms, while cooking food. I learnt cooking just by watching her cook”, recalls Kumar Sanu.This is how Kumar Sanu developed an interest in cooking and became a skilled cook himself. His mother’s love and care helped him become a versatile artist with many talents.

Not only this, Kumar Sanu’s love and respect for his mother are evident in his music, especially in his popular Bengali song, Madhur Amar Mayer Hasi, which he dedicated to her. His mother would beam with pride every time she heard the song and would ask for it to be played repeatedly. She would say, as quoted by Kumar Sanu “He has sung this specially for me, play it on repeat.” Recalling her expression, Kumar Sanu comments, “Her face would light up, and she would ask for the song to be played again and again.” From cooking to singing, Kumar Sanu owes his abilities to his mother’s nurturing.

While recalling her last days, Kumar Sanu in a heavy voice and an emotional heart recalls, “My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s in her later years. She no longer recognized anyone, and this was an emotional time for me.” This was a testament to the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate the unwavering love and sacrifices of all mothers, including Kumar Sanu’s mother. Her love and care have influenced Kumar Sanu’s life and career in a profound way. Through his music, he has expressed his gratitude and love for his mother, inspiring us all to do the same.

On being asked about his future projects, Kumar Sanu mentions that he has several upcoming projects in the pipeline. He has a number of collaborations in line with a number of artists on various music albums, and he eagerly awaits his new releases.

In conclusion, Kumar Sanu’s mother has been a driving force in his life, shaping him into the talented and compassionate person he is today. From cooking to singing, Kumar Sanu’s abilities are a testament to the love and care his mother gave him. Let us all take a moment to appreciate and honor the sacrifices of all mothers, including Kumar Sanu’s mother, who have helped us become the best versions of ourselves.

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