Once again, Femina & Mamaearth come together to recognize inspiring individuals and celebrate goodness in actions

 After the resounding success of Beautiful Indians Season 1, Femina and Mamaearth have come together once again to celebrate stories of goodness. A platform to salute inspiring individuals who bring beauty to the world with their good deeds, Beautiful Indians is geared to take this celebration one step further. Season 2 promises to make the nationwide search for goodness ambassadors bigger and better.

Stepping away from the conventional perception of beauty, Femina & Mamaearth Present Beautiful Indians 2023 shines a light on the real essence of beauty, embodying the philosophy that beauty is not merely skin deep, but rather a reflection of the good that we do in the world. By highlighting the goodness stories of individuals, Beautiful Indians aims to inspire us all to strive for a world where beauty is measured by our good deeds.

Whether it’s by teaching the underprivileged, lending a hand to the elderly, or raising your voice to further important causes, we want to hear about it all. From April 17, 2023, the call for participation is open, and we invite everyone to share their own tales of making the world a better place, nominating themselves or someone else. The nominations will be carefully judged by a panel of distinguished goodness ambassadors under three broad categories: ‘People for Good,’ ‘Creators for Good’, and ‘Celebrities for Good’.

Sharing his thoughts, Deepak Lamba, CEO, Worldwide Media Ltd, said, “Femina values the celebration of individuals from all backgrounds and recognizes their achievements across various aspects of life. This collaboration between Femina and Mamaearth has created a meaningful platform that not only acknowledges but also honors the inherent goodness in people. In this edition of Beautiful Indians, our endeavor is to expand the notion of how beauty is conventionally perceived.”

Speaking about the initiative, Ambika Muttoo, Editor-in-Chief, Femina, said, “We are thrilled to be back with the second season of Beautiful Indians, a platform that celebrates the true essence of beauty – the goodness in individuals. After the overwhelming response we received with the first season, we are excited to continue our search for inspiring individuals who make a positive impact on the world through their actions. We believe that sharing these stories of kindness and selflessness can inspire others to spread goodness in their own unique ways. We are excited to collaborate with Mamaearth for the second season and look forward to showcasing inspiring stories from across the country.”

Ghazal Alagh, Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Mamaearth, said, “After an overwhelming response for season 1, we are back with Season 2 of Femina & Mamaearth presents Beautiful Indians 2023. Mamaearth, as a brand has been built on the fundamental of goodness inside and we believe that true goodness is in actions that one takes and not how they look. At Mamaearth, we have always believed that beauty is beyond skin-deep, and our collaboration with Femina for Beautiful Indians is a testament to that. We are delighted to partner with Femina for the second season and to continue our journey of celebrating goodness.”

Every act of goodness counts! So, participate and share your goodness stories with us!

For more information, visit our website: https://www.femina.in/mamaearth-beautiful-indians-2023/

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