With an unwavering commitment to her craft, discipline and dedication, the incredibly talented actor Vidya Balan stands as a true embodiment of strength and beauty, serving as a source of inspiration for women everywhere. Femina presents the remarkable journey of this extraordinary woman who truly lives on her own terms, in a Cover Story that delves deep into her life and philosophy of living.

Sharing her views about choosing a film, Vidya says, “As far as I can help it, I don’t want to be in a situation where I don’t feel like going on set, which is why I take my time to decide what I want to do. Though it’s an instinctive decision, I still take time with it. That is human. That is life. It’s what keeps me a little nervous when I go out every day to do my work, not taking a thing for granted.”

Talking about her experience of discussing a role/character with the director of the film, Vidya adds, “Directors feel (the discussion) will happen during the reading of the script, but that’s not it. They wonder what questions I will ask. I do not want to intellectualise any of it, I want to feel it. After all, I am going to live that person’s vision, so I need to achieve a comfort level in this game of trust. I love working with directors who give me that time.”

Sharing about her fangirl moment, Vidya reveals, “I have always been in awe of Mr Bachchan. I grew up being an Amitabh Bachchan fan. My mother says that she would pray that Saara Zamaana was aired on Chitrahar and Chhayageet because, if it didn’t, I wasn’t going to eat. When he was in the hospital after an injury on set, I wanted to go and see him. At the time I did not know what had actually happened. Every day I would get ready to go, and my mother would trick me every day with a new excuse about why it was not possible.”

She also delves into her perspective on her directors’ creative vision, her own aspirations, upcoming projects, and a plethora of engaging insights.

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