(Los Angeles, CA June, 2022) – In celebrating the impact of women on and off screen, Women’s Voices
Now honored Sujata Day with the first-ever ‘Women Making Waves’ award for her work in the TV industry,
on June 11, 2022, at Venice Arts in Marina Del Rey, CA.
“I’m honored and humbled to receive the inaugural Women Making Waves award from Women’s Voices
Now. I’m lucky to have worked with inspiring women like Issa Rae, Tracy Oliver, and Linda Yvette Chavez
who cleared a path for me to hone my authentic, artistic voice. I’m excited to pass the inspiration along to
the next generation of women storytellers making waves.”- Sujata Day, Filmmaker/Star of Definition
“The ‘Women Making Waves’ award seeks to recognize women in the film and television industry whose
productions shift and challenge our stereotypical perceptions of women in real life. The recipient of this
award creates or portrays characters who authentically represent women as whole human beings,
experiencing the full range of life’s complexities and experiences. Sujata’s work does all of this and more.
We want to thank her for shattering our television screens, paving the way for others to follow in her
footsteps, to the benefit of us all.” – Heidi Basch-Harod, Executive Director, Women’s Voices Now
Women’s Voices Now is also pleased to roll out a new monthly giving program, The Crew. The mission of
The Crew is to gather donors interested in supporting our goal and/or a specific program in a sustained
way. Crew members get free access to all of our events, and receive a testimonial/beneficiary story/link to
a film every month that their support helped to create. Donors can choose the amount of their monthly
donation. Suggested levels: $10, $25, $75 and $150.

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