Sohail Khan confirms the revival of ‘Sher Khan’, starring Salman Khan, after a decade-long delay. Salman Khan, a prominent figure in Hindi cinema, is known for his consistent box office success, even with films that were initially considered failures. Speculation surrounds his Eid 2024 release, and reports suggest discussions between Salman Khan and Karan Johar for a Vishnu Vardhan film.

In 2012, a project titled ‘Sher Khan’, featuring Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma, was announced as a jungle adventure with heavy VFX action. Despite numerous delays, recent reports by News18 indicate that Sohail Khan, the film’s intended director, plans to revive the project for a 2025 theatrical release.

Sohail Khan explained the initial shelving of the film, citing advancements in VFX technology as a significant factor. He admitted feeling outdated in comparison to the evolving standards of action seen in contemporary films, particularly those from the Marvel franchise. This led to a continuous cycle of script revisions and the postponement of the project.

Additionally, Sohail Khan emphasized the importance of keeping pace with technological advancements to avoid appearing outdated upon the film’s eventual release. He acknowledged the challenge of balancing human-centric action with technology-driven sequences and expressed a desire to align their approach with current trends in filmmaking.

Furthermore, Sohail Khan disclosed plans to commence work on ‘My Punjabi Nikah’, a long-awaited romantic comedy reportedly starring Aayush Sharma. He aims to resume production on the film in the current year.

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