Kate Middleton was reportedly seen at the Windsor Farm Shop recently, as per TMZ’s alleged footage and photos of the Princess of Wales’ visit.

However, social media users are now questioning whether the woman in the visuals is Middleton or her doppelgänger.

Middleton has been out of the public eye since undergoing abdominal surgery in January, with her last public appearance dating back to December of the previous year. Speculation surrounding her absence and health has fueled various conspiracy theories and rumors.

The latest rumor suggests that Middleton may have a look-alike or possibly even a clone. The Sun reported witnesses spotting Middleton and Prince William supporting their children at a sports event near their Windsor home, although no visuals accompanied the report. TMZ, however, posted images claiming they were from Middleton’s visit to the Windsor Farm Shop.

According to The Sun’s report, Middleton appeared “happy, relaxed, and healthy” during her store visit. An eyewitness quoted by TMZ mentioned recognizing her face, but doubts persist on social media regarding the woman’s true identity.

Concerns about the woman’s authenticity surfaced on platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter, with users questioning the resemblance to Kate Middleton.

Reports suggest Middleton may soon address the rumors surrounding her health and absence at an upcoming event.

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