From separate islands dividing the girls and boys to social media’s favourite rebel Uorfi Javed’s reveal as a  mischief-maker, from fiery comebacks to Lock Upp-fame and MTV Splitsvillain X3 Shivam Sharma’s quest for true love, MTV Splitsvilla X4 has been intensifying the drama and how! Now that the two isles are merging into one, we can sense the chemistry peaking at MTV Splitsvilla X4. But the turns and twists don’t stop there – fans can expect more masala to this potpourri of drama, jealousy and surprises!

Moose Jattana joins the villa!

Gear up for this internet and reality television show sensation, who’s set to add her quintessential tadka to the already simmering melange of love and drama of the Splitsvillains! Best known for her stance on socio-political issues, and her stints on MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa and Big Boss OTT, Moose Jattana enjoys a massive fandom on social media. What’s going to be interesting to see is her equation with fellow MTV Roadies season 18 contestant Soundous! Will the rivalry from the much-talked about former love triangle continue and spiral into staggering fireworks thanks to their no-filter style… or will they surprise us?

Mischief Maker re-entering the show! Hope for Kashish Thakur?

The last episode was no less than shocking, revealing Uorfi Javed as a mischief-maker, leaving Kashish heartbroken given his genuine fondness and the romance developing between the two. In the upcoming episodes, Uorfi Javed will make a comeback, which has us wondering if this is to reignite her connection with Kashish and continue where they left off? Has the sassy diva really fallen for Kashish? As Uorfi re-enters the villa, so does Moose and that’s going to be undoubtedly an exciting juncture in the show!

An Ex-Lover’s Entry

The show has seen many make-ups and break-ups but there are a few couples that are going strong on the show. In the face of all the twists and turns, their connection keeps thriving.  A little birdie revealed that fans can expect an ex-lover of one of these contestants entering the show. Now that’s tricky terrain with temptations galore!

An eliminated contestant returns?

While the show is witnessing enough drama with the shocking eliminations, one of the upcoming episodes is said to have a special twist. A dumped contestant might come back on the show, which is bound to cause a stir. Does this second chance imply a stronger strategy, vendetta and mind-games, or another chance at finding a true match?

Grab that bowl of popcorn, because sassiness and surprises are being served! Watch MTV Splitsvilla X4 every Saturday and Sunday at 7.00 PM, only on MTV!

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