For many years, Bollywood music has been an essential aspect of the Indian entertainment industry, and it has given rise to some of the most gifted singers in the world. Very few vocalists have had an enduring impression on the music industry and continue to influence upcoming musical generations when it comes to romantic music.

The legendary singer Kumar Sanu, who is considered the king of melody, is one of the greatest singers to have ever existed. Singer Kumar Sanu recently shared a photo on social media alongside Arijit Singh, who is also renowned for his soulful singing and compositions. The Singer wrote in the caption, ‘Happy to sing this magical blend of melodies by the very talented Arijit Singh. Stay tuned!’

Well, the image surprised every music fan. Both excitement and love for both singers can be seen in the comments. The audience’s enthusiasm for the collaboration between the two musicians was evident. Here are a few glimpses of some comments which will make your day.

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