Mumbai, India – 

The inauguration ceremony of Cricket Team Shubh SINGHAMS, presented by Shubh Media & Entertainment and Shubh Astha Foundation, was held on March 18th 2023 ,  at the iconic Urban Sports Turf , Janaki Devi School Andheri in Mumbai. 

The event was a grand success, with several high-profile guests in attendance.

The guest of honor, Bollywood film and television most humble & versatile actor Sanjay Swaraj Ji , Traffic Management and Police Officer Safety was present at the event. Sir “Satyanand Gaitonde , Producer/Director Rajeev Choudary, , DOP Akrambhai , Actor Sachin Verma , Actor Tapasya Nayak , Actor & VFX  Harsh Mishra , Director/Sound designer Akash , producers D Patil & S. Jagtap , fashion photographer Satya  & Raj & many , graced the occasion and expressed their support for the team. 

The event was a celebration of cricket, community, and unity, as Shubh SINGHAMS embarked on a new journey towards success.

The ceremony began with the team being introduced to the audience, followed by the unveiling & distribution of the team’s official jersey & Brand Poster SHUBH SINGHAMS   by Celebrity Actor Sanjay Swaraj .The team members then took an oath of dedication and loyalty towards their sport and their team.

Ms. Shubh Malhotra CEO of Shubh Media & Entertainment, addressed the audience and spoke about the importance of supporting all creative young talent and promoting sports in the country & Bollywood She expressed her confidence in the team and their potential to achieve great things.

SME. COO Mr.Ajay Singh ( HOLLY/BOLLY VFX SUPERVISOR ) shared their plans to provide financial assistance, equipment, and other resources needed to support the team’s success.

The event also featured friendly cricket match which added to the festive atmosphere of the ceremony. The audience was thoroughly entertained and captivated by the performances.

The inauguration ceremony marked the beginning of a new chapter for Shubh SINGHAMS, and the team is looking forward to representing the in various domestic tournaments across  Mumbai & the country.

SS .Captain Harshit Khanagwal said, “It is an honor to lead such a talented team, and we are excited to show the world what we can do. We thank Shubh Media & Ent for giving us this opportunity, and we promise to make them proud.”

SS . Vice Captain Avi Prakash Sharma added, “We are a team that believes in hard work and dedication, and we are committed to achieving our goals. We are excited to participate in various cricket tournaments and leagues and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

With the support of Shubh Media & Ent and the encouragement of their esteemed guests, the Shubh SINGHAMS are all set to take on the world of cricket with their passion and skills.

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