Shannon K is an American-Indian singer who asserts the importance of gender equality and the empowerment of both women and men. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, she emphasized that while biological differences exist, mental capacity is shared, allowing individuals of any gender to fulfil diverse roles in society.

Shannon shares, “Women and men may not be biologically the same but we share the same mental capacity and can fulfil any role in society. That’s the beauty of co-existing and obviously, it goes beyond that.  In today’s day and age women who are so independent and capable of themselves and it’s amazing to see that now we are unapologetically speaking our opinions and continuing to make that change.”

Shannon celebrates the modern era where women showcase independence and capability, unapologetically expressing their opinions and driving positive change. As a woman in the entertainment business, she highlights her commitment to avoiding the influence of stereotypical norms and standing out in a crowd.

Using her musical prowess, Shannon aims to share fragments of her identity and beliefs, aspiring to inspire women to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

Shannon recently released a soul-stirring tribute to the legendary Bappi Lahiri through a cover of her iconic hit, “Jimmy Jimmy.” Collaborating with Bappa Lahiri is receiving immense love on social media.

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