Renowned artist Shannon K, daughter of the legendary Kumar Sanu, is set to enchant audiences with an exhilarating remake of the classic hit “Jimmy Jimmy.” Collaborating with the talented Bappa Lahiri, son of the iconic Bappi Lahiri, Shannon K anticipates delivering a fresh perspective and a unique musical experience.

“Jimmy Jimmy, one of Bappi uncle’s greatest hits and the audience still enjoys it. Turning greif into a tribute Bappa and I decided to honor the memory of Bappi uncle and relive the iconic song. I’m very excited and can’t wait to the audience to also enjoy the track.”, Shares Shannon.

Both families have established a profound connection that goes beyond blood ties. The unique bond when it comes to music and many more. This unique collaboration promises to transcend boundaries and captivate the audience illustrating the enduring impact of two legendary musical families. 

The song will be out soon!

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