Deep in the heart of Springfield, Illinois, one of Route 66‘s most sought-after local attractions, Sangamon Watches, has established itself as a must-visit destination for travelers worldwide. Located in downtown Springfield on 6th Street, across from the City’s Visitors Center, Sangamon Watches is the only locally created and owned watch brand on historic Route 66.

Since its opening in October 2021, Sangamon Watches has experienced tremendous business success and has welcomed countless visitors from all corners of the globe. Travelers along Route 66 visit this fantastic shop, admiring the beautiful watches, friendly staff, and wide variety of Route 66 souvenirs. Local TV and radio media have further exposed the world to the shop’s unique and authentic products and services.

Founders Brian Su and Tyler Mckay envisioned a watch company that preserves the tradition and history of wristwatch design while embracing modern technology. Their love for local and national history is evident in every aspect of their business, from the watches themselves to the shop’s atmosphere.

Sangamon Watches pays homage to the once-renowned Illinois Watch Company by basing its headquarters in Springfield. The brand name is derived from the Sangamon River, which is associated with Abraham Lincoln’s early career.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Sangamon Watches released three watch collections in 2020 and has since launched several others. The Mother Road Collection, inspired by the shop’s home along Route 66, features high-quality, stylish sports watches that have become sought-after by travelers and watch enthusiasts alike.

Dedicated to the history of the United States, Brian and Tyler value high-quality, intentionally crafted products with superior craftsmanship. Their brick-and-mortar shop, located at 206 South 6th Street in downtown Springfield, has become a hot spot for Route 66 travelers from Russia, Ireland, the UK, Spain, Canada, China, and Japan.

Sangamon Watches remains committed to supporting local businesses and investing in their community. They have donated to over fifteen local charities and community events, including the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival. Visitors are encouraged to stop by the shop to browse the unique collection of wristwatches, locally handcrafted gifts, and popular Mother Road Route 66 passports.

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