Anu Aggarwal became an overnight sensation in 1990 with the film Aashiqui. Unfortunately, a terrible road accident occurred a few years later, changing the path of her life. The actress sustained serious injuries, including significant facial damage, and it took her a long time to heal. Despite facing criticism on social media for her changed appearance, Anu Aggarwal maintained resilience by accepting herself the way she was.

On this International Women’s Day, Anu Aggarwal delivered a compelling and heartfelt message, addressing the challenges she faced post a life-changing accident and the subsequent scrutiny of her appearance on social media. In her powerful statement, Anu Aggarwal revealed her steadfast decision to eschew cosmetic surgery despite enduring trolls and judgments. She stressed the importance of self-acceptance and highlighted her own journey of embracing her unique beauty.

“Even after a life-changing accident and facing trolls on my looks, I emphasize self-acceptance and have always embraced myself as I am and how I look,” said Anu Aggarwal.

The actress, known for her resilience, has never considered cosmetic surgery, urging today’s women to prioritize self-love and refrain from potentially risky cosmetic treatments. She expressed concern over the growing popularity of such procedures and the diminishing awareness of associated risks. “Today’s women must prioritize self-love and avoid risky cosmetic treatments. Unfortunately, they are getting more popular, Influencer Marketing today is forming what women need to look like and therefore urging young girls below 16 years of age to do Botox and women are less concerned about the risks linked with them,” she emphasized.

In a poignant continuation, Anu Aggarwal delves deeper into societal beauty pressures, acknowledging the pervasive impact on self-esteem and mental health. Encouraging women to resist comparisons and embrace their true selves, she draws inspiration from ancient texts that revere the feminine as the supreme principle in the cosmos.

Anu, recognized for her boldness and fearlessness in Indian cinema, stands as a beacon for authenticity. Her resolute decision to walk away from a modelling project opposing fair makeup application echoes her commitment to staying true to her identity. In an era dominated by societal beauty norms, Anu’s message on Women’s Day serves as a powerful reminder to celebrate individuality and reject external pressures.

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