Pulkit Samrat has once again attracted attention by defying tradition in a heartwarming gesture. Instead of adhering to the customary practice where the bride cooks for the first time at her in-laws’ home, Pulkit took charge of his inaugural rasoi at his wife Kriti Kharbanda’s family residence in Bangalore.

Pulkit’s embracing of this age-old tradition in a refreshing role reversal not only touched hearts but also sparked meaningful conversations about challenging stereotypes and reshaping longstanding customs. Their journey to Bangalore for their first trip together post-wedding provided Pulkit with a unique opportunity to express his love and respect for Kriti and her family, showcasing his progressive outlook on marriage and relationships. Pulkit prepared halwa for his in-laws, symbolizing his commitment to equal partnership.

Kriti expressed her heartfelt appreciation for Pulkit’s gesture and described him as a blessing. She recounted the experience of witnessing Pulkit’s first rasoi and marveled at his decision to share household responsibilities equally. Pulkit’s portrayal of the first rasoi in Bangalore for his beloved wife and in-laws garnered widespread praise online, with many hailing him as a symbol of progressive masculinity. Their intimate wedding ceremony on March 15 marked the beginning of their journey together as newlyweds.

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