Kate Middleton, also known as the Princess of Wales, has recently been embroiled in controversy over a digitally altered family photo released on Mother’s Day in Britain. This incident has stirred speculation and debate among royal watchers and the public, especially following Kate’s absence from the public eye due to abdominal surgery. Adding to the intrigue, rumors of an affair between Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, and Prince William, Kate’s husband, have resurfaced, further fueling discussions about the royal family’s dynamics.

Comedian Stephen Colbert addressed these rumors on his late-night show, ‘The Late Show,’ injecting humor into the sensitive topic of the alleged affair between Prince William and Rose Hanbury. Colbert’s remarks shed light on the complexities and scrutiny faced by public figures like Kate Middleton and Prince William.

The ongoing saga took a new turn when renowned royal author Omid Scobie made headlines with claims regarding Kate Middleton’s recent editing mishap. Scobie suggested that this incident reveals ‘years of deceit’ within the Royal Family’s interactions with the media and the public, sparking debates about transparency in royal communication strategies.

In response to the controversy, Princess Kate issued an apology, admitting to experimenting with editing the family photo. She expressed regret for any confusion caused by the edited image and wished everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

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