Despite facing significant criticism for its portrayal of women, the crime-thriller Animal emerged as a global blockbuster in 2023, crossing Rs 900 crores in earnings. Even two months after its release, the film continued to generate discussions about its impact. The director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, revealed future plans and expressed a desire to collaborate with Kangana Ranaut, a national award-winning actress whom he admires for her acting skills. However, Kangana declined the offer, taking a dig at Animal’s success and expressing her reservations about working with the filmmaker.

In an interview with journalist Siddharth Kannan, Sandeep Reddy Vanga mentioned his interest in working with Kangana, citing his appreciation for her performance in Queen and other films. Kangana responded in Hindi, explaining her decision not to work with the director, especially after the controversial success of Animal, which she believes portrayed women negatively.

Kangana highlighted the distinction between critique and condemnation, emphasizing the need for reviews and discussions on all forms of art. She expressed gratitude for Sandeep’s acknowledgment but firmly declined any role offers. Kangana suggested that her involvement might turn the filmmaker’s alpha male heroes into feminists, potentially impacting the success of his films. Despite Animal’s unfavorable reviews for its perceived misogyny and glorification of toxic masculinity, Kangana urged Sandeep to continue making blockbusters for the benefit of the film industry.

On the professional front, Kangana is gearing up for her next film, Emergency, based on the life of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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