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 Created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, this mockumentary revolves around the life of a mid-level bureaucrat, Leslie Knope. The seven season series showcases the issues and challenges Leslie faces as the Deputy Director in the Parks and Recreation Department. Throughout the show, she fights against all odds to beautify the town of Pawnee and becomes the voice for herself and many others. Thanks to Amy Poehler’s brilliant comic timing, Parks and Recreation is the funniest and best written show in all of television history. You can exclusively watch it for the first time in India on Comedy Central every Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

Here are some of the funniest moments from Parks and Recreation that you shouldn’t miss.

Friends forever!

The fans of the show were heartbroken when they had to witness the end of the friendship between Ron and Leslie. But as they say, true friendship never ends, and Ben plays a vital role in the same. He locks both in a room until they fight it out and explain everything to each other, clarifying their misunderstandings. This is how a broken friendship rekindles again.

A heart-warming proposal!

Ben and Leslie’s unconditional love story was loved and celebrated by the fans of Parks and Recreation. After being in a long-distance relationship for months, here comes that special moment in their life when Ben kneels down for Leslie and proposes to her to be his life partner. To witness this endearing proposal and more such awe-inspiring moments watch the show now! 

An unexpected quarrel!

Leslie and Ann have one of the sweetest friendships in Parks and Recreation. But the two get into a rift when Leslie finds a job that Ann would be the perfect fit for. When Leslie spoke to Ann about this offer, she was not very serious and went to the lounge for drinks and fun. This is the time when Leslie yelled at her for not taking things seriously and in the hype of alcohol, the two got into an intense argument.

Jerry’s fun mugging!

One fine day, Jerry reached the office showcasing that his arms got fractured and he shared with everyone that it was due to the mugging in the park. Leslie was scared because it was her duty to take care of the park and the management. To know more about a fun-filled element associated with it, you must tune into Parks and Recreation now.

Some unresolved feelings!

During the time of the council elections, Ben and Leslie decided to remain friends and call off their relationship. But some unresolved feelings t came out in an unseen banter between the two. Ben and Leslie lead towards a debate where he was angry with her for not justifying the debate fully. Watch the entire episode of Parks and Recreation to find out what happens to this unexpected banter.

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