Recent speculations arose regarding Parineeti Chopra‘s pregnancy following her appearance in a kaftan dress during a trailer launch event. Negotiating the male-dominated Indian film industry proves challenging for female actors, particularly after marriage, as discussions often veer towards their personal lives, eclipsing their professional achievements. Moreover, their daily routines and fashion choices face intense scrutiny, leading to unfounded pregnancy rumors, a fate recently experienced by Parineeti Chopra.

Despite the absence of concrete evidence or statements from the actor, numerous media outlets contributed to the rumor mill by publishing speculative articles, albeit with question marks in their headlines. Parineeti herself has since refuted the rumors, criticizing the media for spreading baseless stories. In an Instagram video, she humorously addressed the issue while showcasing her attire transition from a kaftan dress to fitted clothes, expressing disappointment at the misconceptions.

Earlier, Parineeti had taken to Instagram Stories to clarify that her clothing choices should not be interpreted as indicators of pregnancy, highlighting the absurdity of equating various outfits with maternity. At the trailer launch of her upcoming film “Amar Singh Chamkila,” Parineeti’s choice of attire, initially a kaftan dress, followed by an oversized shirt and pants, further fueled pregnancy speculations.

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