Ghazal and playback vocalist Pankaj Udhas passed away on Monday morning following an extended period of illness. Pankaj entered into matrimony with Farida in 1982, and the couple was blessed with two daughters – Nayab and Reva.

The singer had previously shared insights into his love story, describing it as a ‘struggle’. Pankaj disclosed how Farida had provided financial support during challenging times, highlighting her as an ‘independent thinker’.

In an interview with DNA, Pankaj reminisced about meeting Farida in 1979, narrating their three-year courtship marked by difficulties. He emphasized that Farida’s presence brought him luck, recalling her infectious laughter during her tenure with Air India.

Despite facing resistance from their respective families due to their diverse backgrounds, Pankaj pursued marriage with their parents’ blessings. He recounted meeting Farida’s father, a retired police officer, who reluctantly agreed to their union, acknowledging their happiness as the deciding factor. Their wedding took place on February 11, 1982.

Pankaj also recounted instances where Farida supported him during trying times, recalling how she lent him money when he was short during the launch of his first album. He emphasized their mutual promise not to let religious differences interfere with their relationship.

Describing Farida as an independent thinker and adept administrator, Pankaj praised her role in selecting verses and providing guidance during album launches, welcoming her critiques. Despite inquiries about any insecurities regarding his fame, Farida expressed unwavering faith in him.

Farida articulated her desire for Pankaj to be her husband across seven lifetimes, underscoring his appreciation for her contributions to their relationship. She affirmed his recognition of her role, attributing it to their enduring bond.

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