~ Arousing visuals and grooving beats resulting in an ultimate banger ~

 A track that evokes a range of emotions and stands as an anthem of confidence, assurance, carefreeness, and unyielding determination “Now” by Jind Universe is all set to captivate the audiences worldwide. A powerful amalgamation of infectious beats and breathtaking visuals this track is surely going to make this audience groove like never before.

“Now” by Jind is not just a song, it’s a heartfelt emotion. It delivers a compelling message of inspiration, urging listeners to embrace the present moment with unwavering self-assurance. The song’s powerful beats and captivating melody makes it a must-have on every playlist, ready to elevate your spirits and drive.

The captivating track is accompanied with a compelling music video which further highlights the predominant message of motivation and self confidence. Crafted to resonate with the essence of the music, the visuals promise an immersive experience that will have audiences captivated and moving to the rhythm. With his Punjabi swag and thoughtful curation Jind’s “Now” results in being a cultural phenomenon and a stable on a pump up playlist.

Talking passionately about his release, Jind said, “I love the power music holds and the way it makes you feel so many emotions in just a song.. With “Now” I aimed to do exactly that. “Now” is an experience that will leave the one who listens to it confident and assured. It will instil that drive and motivation into the audience while making them groove to the banging beats.”

Listen to Now by Jind Universe here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkakmdxwlLk

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