In the previous episode of MTV Splitsvilla X4, we witnessed Akashlina and Kashish finally getting cosy after they were declared as the ideal match, which got Mehak boiling in rage. Kashish outsmarting the others, by not letting his emotions take over, faces a huge roadblock from both these women.
In the upcoming episode, we will witness Akashlina shed tears for the first time as Kashish is not setting his priorities straight and she feels unworthy of herself. Akashlina will be seen weeping and saying “I am being patient and my feelings towards Kashish are genuine, but he is not taking a stand about whom he wants to continue the game with. He leaves me alone most of the time for Mehak and I feel that I am just an option. This is hurtful as I am giving my 100 percent to him and I need his support. I went against my friends for him. I am feeling unworthy.”

We will see Soundous jumping in to rescue her best friend on the show and instigating Kashish to speak up. She will be seen mentioning, “Please make up your mind. You guys are an ideal match, you need to set your priorities and choose whom you want to play the game with. You can’t leave her alone, so make a decision.” Even Hamid will be seen calling out on Kashish and naming him the biggest ‘Flipper’ on the show.

Will Kashish choose his game plan or play with his heart? To know more, watch Splitsvilla X4 every Saturday and Sunday at 7.00 PM only on MTV!

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