An ultra-small handbag, drawing inspiration from the iconic Louis Vuitton OnTheGo tote, has fetched a staggering $63,750, roughly Rs 51.7 lakh, at a recent sale.

Crafted by the art collective MSCHF, this microscopic marvel measures a mere 657 by 222 by 700 micrometers, smaller than a grain of salt!

Despite its minute dimensions, the handbag exhibits an astonishing level of detail, visible only under a microscope. Every intricate element of the original OnTheGo tote has been meticulously replicated, showcasing the artists’ impeccable craftsmanship.

The sale of this tiny handbag has not only raised eyebrows due to its extravagant price tag but also for its novelty and artistic brilliance.

The miniature accessory has sparked discussions on social media, delving into the realms of luxury, consumerism, and creativity. Some users humorously remarked on its size, with one quipping about its resemblance to the buyer’s brain. Others jokingly speculated on its growth potential when submerged in water, while another dubbed it a “handbag for microorganisms.”

This isn’t the first instance of a luxury item leaving the world stunned. In a similar vein, renowned luxury brand Hermès made headlines at a 2021 auction in Hong Kong with its matte white Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Retourné Kelly 28. Adorned with 18K White Gold hardware and embellished with 229 diamonds, the handbag shattered previous auction records, commanding a winning bid of HK$40,00,000, approximately $5,10,000 (Rs 4,24,27,500). A viral video capturing the awe-inspiring sale on Instagram left netizens in disbelief.

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