Renowned music composer Ishwar Kumar, His recent successful collaborations with songs like ‘Naina chhalke”with Kunal Ganjawala and Mehboob, has now brought forth a new song in collaboration with Dev Negi. The latest track, titled ‘Mere Humnava,’ is released on the BIG IVO music YouTube channel. 

This isn’t the first time Ishwar Kumar and Dev Negi have teamed up; previously, they collaborated on a song in ‘Rangeela Raja.’ Additionally, Ishwar Kumar recently composed the entire music for Pahlaj Nihalani’s film ‘Anari Is Backk,’ where all the songs were sung by Dev Negi, released under Tips Music.

Sharing insights about the newly released song Ishwar Kumar commented , “ ‘Mere Humnava’ is a track that encapsulates the nostalgic feelings of first love, reminiscent of the charming love stories portrayed in 90s indie music videos. The video features Nilay Mitash and Ambika Vani as the main lead cast, both acclaimed actors. Jeet Singh directed and choreographed, and Ankit Kesharwani wrote the lyrics for the song. I am confident that the audience will resonate with the song, as it captures the essence of innocent and heartfelt emotions, a reminiscent nod to the golden era of indie music. I want to emphasize that viewers watch the video and share their reactions.”

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