As they say, “the eyes are the windows to an individual’s soul.” It is quite true for the eyes can express just any emotion possible and would always be the first to show how you truly feel deep down inside. I would also like to stress that the eyes are also one of the very first things that we notice on a person’s face. There is just something about them; maybe the mystery it exudes that draws the people’s attention towards them.

How you beautify your eyes can make or break the look you want to project with your face. Having beautiful and tantalizing eyes is truly an asset on your part and I would strongly suggest that you apply make-up to emphasize them and to enhance more their loveliness. I have to admit that one of the things that I first look at in a person would definitely be the eyes.

If you are the type who doesn’t wear any eye make-up or better yet apply any eyeliner or mascara for that matter, you are missing out on being proud of one of your valuable assets and that is the eyes. We all want to look beautiful and attractive all the time for our special man or basically to feel good and confident about ourselves and being gorgeous helps us feel this way.

I believe that even without eye shadow or liner, the simple application of mascara can make your eyes look more alluring and attractive.

If you decide to use mascara decide on what type will be most suited for you. The market has different types of mascara that you could choose to use. You may opt for a water proof kind or the water soluble one. The water soluble mascara may be removed without even the use of a make-up remover. The water proof kind would be most suitable for those who would be engaged in water sports or for actors who need to look their best in front of the camera without make-up smudging their faces when they need to cry for a scene. Different mascaras also cater to different needs like you can find types that thicken and broaden your lashes among others.

To emphasize and open up your eyes, curl your lashes with a curl lash before applying any mascara. Choose from the variety of colored mascara but sticking to the basic colors of black and brown would definitely give a more sophisticated and dramatic look.

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