6th April 2023: The Blacklist is a spine-chilling story of an ex-naval officer, Raymond Reddington, who is mysteriously a high-profile criminal. He is among the most wanted fugitives of the FBI and is ready to surrender voluntarily, only on one condition. The premise of the series is intriguing and as unorthodox as it is plausible. It features many iconic characters who are full of ingenious minds and exceptional talent. Watch the show – The Blacklist, exclusively on Colors Infinity, Monday to Friday at 10 pm, and know more about its witty, charming, and charismatic; but insidious characters.

Let’s have a glimpse of some ingenious iconic characters of Colors Infinity’s new show – The Blacklist:

Glen Carter

Glen Carter turned out to be the most trusted resource of Raymond Reddington. For Red, Glen was both a resource and a friend. He is one such person who was always there for Red, as and when he needed him the most. Be it dealing with daily office chores, cracking jokes, or finishing food in an untidy manner, Glen is like a cheerleader for Raymond.

Mierce Xiu

Raymond found his beautiful partner Mierce, who is also the sister of his bodyguard Weecha. Mierce tried her best to deal with all the negativities surrounding Raymond’s life. She is supportive of him getting out of all the mess heading towards a soulful spiritual life. But destiny stores something else for the two of them, as Mierce ended up leaving him because of his certain chores which were out of her control. Even though they parted ways, she always wished the best for Raymond to let him lead the righteous path.


The fans will witness an extremely fun-loving character Paula, who is Glen’s mother. She is also Raymond’s go to person on every occasion when he needs her best-suited advice. Though her connections were not of enough help to Red, despite that the love that she ponders for him turned out to be the driving force for her payroll in the team. She used to treat Raymond and Dembe as just her own kids even after she got to know what they do for a living.

Marvin Gerard

One of Raymond’s most loyal employees, Marvin is a practical, cunning, and highly educated lawyer who always stands by Red. He helps him in and around all legal matters be it present or imminent. As Marvin is very well aware of Red’s work profile, he leaves no stones unturned to find the best possible way to help Raymond. He offers all sorts of different solutions to help Red get rid of his problems.

Neville Townsend

Neville is said to be one of the best characters ever introduced after season 1 on The Blacklist. He was not among the most liked characters, rather the most compelling one. In many instances in the show, Neville was ahead of Raymond and was spontaneous to find solutions. Neville Townsend was among the characters who lasted for many episodes in the entire series and was an advisor to both the FBI and Raymond Reddington at the same time.

Tune into Colors Infinity and watch these undeniably genius brains on The Blacklist, Monday to Friday at 10 pm.


~ The viewers can watch the enticing storyline on Colors Infinity, Monday to Friday at 10 pm ~

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