Kanye West has reportedly taken measures to restrict his wife, Bianca Censori, from using social media in an attempt to shield her from negative comments. Insiders suggest that this move is viewed by Censori’s friends as another tactic to further isolate her. Despite concerns from loved ones and interventions regarding Kanye’s controlling behavior, he seems to have influenced Censori’s attitude towards social media.

Reports indicate that Kanye West has prohibited Bianca Censori from using social media, arguing that it protects her from hurtful comments. An insider notes that she was active on social media until she married Kanye, who convinced her to remain a mystery as a star. Friends fear this is a form of control, given Kanye’s efforts to dictate her narrative by sharing intimate images on his own account.

Concerns are rising as friends observe the transformation of the once assertive Bianca into a seemingly subservient role. She is perceived to be conforming to Kanye’s desires in terms of appearance and activities, leaving her with limited choices. Previous accusations include control over Censori’s diet and imposing restrictions on her speech.

A recent viral video featuring Kanye West and Bianca Censori at a Las Vegas casino sparked controversy. Critics, including System of a Down’s drummer John Dolmayan, expressed discomfort with Kanye’s behavior. The rapper faced backlash for embarrassing Censori in an unedited video, with concerns raised about her barefoot walk in a micro bikini. Dolmayan criticized West’s lack of class and emphasized the importance of protecting one’s spouse instead of treating them as a trophy.

These incidents contribute to ongoing discussions about Kanye West’s behavior and the dynamics of his relationship with Bianca Censori.

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