John Abraham is one of the most successful male models in India. He is heart beat of many people. His fans are crazy about his acting and personality. To those fans, today we are sharing some interesting facts about this amazing actor.

After completing his studies, he worked in media at Time & Space Media Entertainment Promotions Ltd and Enterprise Nexus.

He was in kindergarten with Uday Chopra.

Once upon a time, he was engaged to Raveena Tandon in 2002.

His favorite actress is Rani Mukerji.

Before he went to modeling he was working as a media planner for an ad agency.

He is half Malayali and half Parsi. His father is a Christian from Kerala and his mother belongs to India’s Parsi community.

He was in kindergarten with Uday Chopra.
He also quoted in one of his interview, ” 

  • I have no inhibitions when it comes to showing off my physique, but appearing nude on screen is out of the question. I don’t need to resort to it and definitely not at this stage of my career”. 
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